Manufacturer and Suppliers of Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Stones in Mainland China


Manufacturer and Suppliers of
cubic zirconia and synthetic stones

History of Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia was discovered by 2 German mineralogists in 1937. It gradually became popular with jewelry designers , when the soviet scientists learned how to produce this mineral in a laboratory in 1977.

Now, Cubic Zirconia is considered the first diamond simulant because it comes closer than any other gem material to watching the characteristics of a diamond, It looks almost exactly like a good quality diamond in appearance. With a hardness rate of 8.5, Cz comes close to watching diamond's perfect 10.

Cubic Zirconia has successfully established itself as the high quality and affordable diamond substitute in today's fashionable jewellery market.

Cubic Zirconia Characteristics
Chemical Composition Zr02 + Y203
Structure Cubic
Hardness ( Mohs) 8.5
Specific Gravity ca 5.6
Refractive Index ca 2.17
Dispersion (c-f) 0.060
Heat resistance upto 600c (1112 f)

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